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January 12, 2018 - We denounce the comments reportedly made by President Trump yesterday regarding immigrants from Haiti and some African countries. Throughout history, people have come to the United States in search of freedom and opportunity. America is a nation of immigrants, and there is no place for the nativist language that came out of the White House yesterday. JCRC/AJC will continue to stand up in defense of pluralism and in support of immigration policies that reflect our values.



The following statement was issued by David Kurzmann, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council/AJC.

“We support President Trump’s reaffirmation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Consistent with the bipartisan Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, his statement advances Israel’s sovereign right to choose its capital. Jerusalem is home to the Knesset, the Supreme Court, as well as most Israeli government agencies. Today’s announcement is recognition of the simple truth that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is inexplicable that countries throughout the world have failed to acknowledge this reality.

We endorse direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians towards a two-state solution, which is consistent with the United States policy. Bilateral negotiations remain the best route to resolving all final status issues, and we are hopeful that the peace process will be renewed to this end. We are sensitive to the ramifications of this announcement and we hope and pray for peace in Jerusalem.”  


Metro Detroit Jewish Organizations Denounce Passage of Divestment Resolution at University of Michigan__(November 2017)

In the wake of the divestment vote by the University of Michigan’s Central Student Government (CSG), the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, Jewish Community Relations Council/AJC, and ADL Michigan released the following statement:

We condemn the outcome of the CSG vote last night in which the student governing body approved a resolution calling on the University of Michigan to divest from several companies that operate in Israel. The vote, which was conducted by secret ballot, had 23 in favor, 17 against, and 5 abstentions.

We commend the students who worked tirelessly to defeat the resolution despite challenging circumstances. With the support of Hillel at the University of Michigan and its committed staff, along with numerous campus partners, the students were well-prepared and argued against divestment with utmost conviction and dignity. We applaud the students for their hard work and dedication.

At this moment, it is important to clarify the implications of such a resolution. This action by CSG is largely symbolic as it has no bearing on the University and its investment strategy. Since 2002, pro-divestment activists at the University of Michigan have failed 10 times to pass similar resolutions. The passage of the resolution reflects the advocacy of a small and vocal group of students who made this their priority issue. These activists took advantage of conditions on campus favorable to their cause as they conflated divestment with other popular social justice causes. The current CSG is made up of representatives who are more sympathetic to the pro-divestment position than in the past. Additionally, CSG actions during the course of the debate last night impacted the outcome of the debate, including denying U of M History professor Victor Lieberman the opportunity to speak and conducting the vote by secret ballot.

We denounce this resolution as counterproductive to advancing thoughtful and informed dialogue on campus. Furthermore, while we appreciate the statement this morning from the University clarifying its investment strategy, we call upon the University administration to unequivocally repudiate what is a deeply divisive and biased response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The resolution will only sow deeper division between students and it does nothing to advance the peaceful resolution of a conflict thousands of miles away from campus. We are concerned about the impact that it could have on Jewish students on campus who have deep ties to Israel.

The Metro Detroit Jewish community will continue to stand with pro-Israel students as they work to advance productive dialogue at the University of Michigan.


JCRC/AJC: A Partnership for Community Relations and Jewish Advocacy, unites our community’s premiere community relations and advocacy organizations in Detroit, and expands the agency’s capacity to deliver quality initiatives and programs.  Under the partnership, JCRC/AJC maintains a local focus but gains access to the outstanding resources of AJC. AJC’s worldwide network, which includes 10 international offices and 32 association agreements with Jewish communities around the world, brings a wealth of resources and program opportunities to this community.

The critical importance of developing collaborative relationships with our neighbors could not be more apparent or pressing at this time. Interfaith outreach and Israel advocacy efforts are seeing the greatest growth due to the partnership. Facing a rise in anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry, we have re-committed this agency to its core mission – building bridges of understanding between the Jewish community and its neighbors.  In doing so, we will stand up for Israel and the values that we hold dear, and increase understanding in the greater community. We invite you to help us do even more by becoming involved in our various programs and by financially supporting them.

To learn more about AJC and its global reach on behalf of the Jewish community, visit: www.ajc.org.




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