Where We Stand

Jewish Community Concerns


The following statement was issued by Dr. Richard Krugel, President of the Jewish Community Relations Council/AJC after the 2016 U.S. Presidential election concluded:

“The presidential election has highlighted the deep divisions that exist in our nation.  This climate has given rise to hate speech, bias incidents and intolerance.  Local incidents of racism, anti-immigrant activity and anti-Semitism have engendered great fear, uncertainty and vulnerability and must not be tolerated. No matter how one voted, now is the time to build ties with other ethnic and religious communities and advocate for civility and an inclusive society.

“As a nation of diverse faiths, ethnicities and identities, we must protect our freedoms and maintain the struggle for equality and fairness in our society.  The Jewish Community Relations Council/AJC will continue to fulfill our mission of working together with all communities as we pursue social justice, stand up for Israel and fight against bigotry. We are committed to protecting democratic freedoms, developing peaceful relationships among Americans, promoting mutual respect, fostering understanding and celebrating diversity.

“President Obama, President-elect Trump and Secretary Clinton last week all called for unity. We must now heed that message. Unity doesn't mean that we always agree on everything, but we should never lose sight of our shared goals and values as we seek to make a brighter future for us, our children and our grandchildren. “



For over half a century, JCRC has played an important role by bringing public policy issues to the government’s attention and taking action on behalf of the metro Detroit Jewish community.

White House

JCRC’s board of directors and its committees develop and officially adopt policy statements relevant to our mission and goals. The board uses a rigorous, inclusive process that allows for all voices to be heard and does not guarantee that any particular viewpoint will prevail.

JCRC's staff works to advance the issues outlined by these policies – reaching out and motivating Jews and non-Jews alike to action, convening delegations of community leaders to meet with federal, state and local government officials, and offering ourselves as a resource and sounding board to all government officials.