Media Relations


Executive Director David Kurzmann speaks to FOX 2 during Mitzvah Day 2017

The Jewish Community Relations Council serves as the media’s key link to the Detroit Jewish community, ensuring a Jewish perspective to events that occur or opinions expressed in the media.

(l. to r.) Fox 2 anchors Huel Perkins and Sherry Margolis speaking with JCRC assistant director of public relations Beverly Phillips and executive director David Kuirzmann at JCRC's annual luncheon for media leaders

Giving voice to Detroit Jewry’s message to the media, JCRC:

  • Serves as the primary resource for local media on Israel, Judaism and the Detroit Jewish community.
  • Monitors the news and presses for fair and accurate coverage and supportive editorial positions.
  • Hosts news conferences on key issues and breaking news.
  • Acts as the community’s clearinghouse for media during any crisis in Israel. Articulates our community’s solidarity with Israel to the media and to the community-at-large.
Fox 2 Israel briefing
JCRC briefing on Israel for Fox 2 news staff.  
  • Proactively provides resources, story ideas and spokespersons on Israel, the Jewish community, and Jewish interests including a broad range of domestic and public policy issues.
  • Writes opinion pieces for key Detroit newspapers and other media outlets.
  • Meets routinely with top newspaper editors, columnists and editorial boards to discuss Middle East coverage and Jewish priorities, and to stimulate stories on Jewish events and programs.


Detroit News 2011
JCRC meeting with Detroit News editor and publisher Jonathan Wolman
and other news staff. 
  • Sponsors briefings for media professionals with visiting Israeli dignitaries, journalists and scholars in order to provide a unique look into Israel’s reality and perspective.
  • Produces news releases on key community stories, events and issues.
  • Provides local media outlets with press kits on the Jewish holidays.