JCRC/AJC Programs & Projects

Through a variety of projects, JCRC/AJC responds to community issues in the City of Detroit, the metro Detroit region, and beyond. These projects provide services to communities in need, connect the Jewish community to the community at large in tangible ways, and offer high quality volunteer experiences for Detroit Jews.

  • JCRC/AJC is a member of the steering committee of Momentum, a regional coalition for 21st century transit in metro Detroit. Momentum’s mission statement declares: 
         "We believe that for Greater Detroit to become a vibrant and competitive metropolitan region we need a
          coordinated, efficient public transit system that works for everyone.
                  Connecting talent and business,
                  Sparking economic and cultural development, and
                  Providing access and mobility throughout greater Detroit.
  • JCRC/AJC is a member of the Michigan Alliance to Stop Hunger (MASH) – Mobilizing Partners. Shaping Policy. Empowering Citizens. MASH is an action-oriented group of individuals, social service providers, for-profit entities, and state governmental agencies seeking collaborative solutions to end hunger in Michigan. A collective voice for those who often are unheard, MASH empowers the less fortunate to advocate, working together in a unique statewide collaboration for effective and efficient anti-hunger policies at the local, state and federal levels.
  • JCRC/AJC plans a variety of programs throughout the year to raise awareness and advocate for legislation to end hunger in America. Examples include: Hunger Seders, Food Stamp Challenges and fundraising initiatives.
  • Mitzvah Day
  • Literacy
  • Bookstock