Elevating diverse voices in the Jewish community

The KOLOT JCRC/AJC initiative is designed to promote racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI) in synagogue congregations, and in the Jewish community-at-large. Kolot is the Hebrew word for “voices,” and at JCRC/AJC, we recognize unique voices, narratives, ethnicities, traditions, and experiences. We value all people that make up our strong and beautiful Detroit Jewish community. It is our great pleasure to offer a program that aims at helping congregations establish spaces where all Jews can feel welcomed and celebrated.

About the Program

KOLOT JCRC/AJC was born out of the need for proper representation and inclusivity within the Jewish community. We currently offer the following programs:

REDI for Details [Embracing Diversity in Congregations]

We appreciate the uniqueness of each congregation and individual, which is why we meet with synagogue clergy and administrators one-on-one to get to know their congregations, help them form a REDI plan, create a safe space for difficult discussions and open the doors of opportunity for deeper understanding. We encourage congregations to honor their journey towards inclusivity, no matter what the starting point is. We are here to be a resource, supporting congregations and individuals so that, together, we can create a community that authentically embraces every Jew.

REDI for the Big Picture [Modeling Diversity in the Jewish Community]

We invite congregations and community members to join us at our ongoing KOLOT programs and events. Gathering together gives us the opportunity to lift diverse voices, understand and embrace one another and learn and grow together. Additionally, we have created the REDI Empowerment Guide which provides an array of resources for further learning about racial equity, diversity and inclusion. At JCRC/AJC, not only do we educate, we elevate- continuing the conversation and normalizing proper representation of the Detroit Jewish community.

We know Detroit is ready, and we’re ready too. Click here to review the JCRC/AJC KOLOT REDI Empowerment Guide for early education and upper education.

To join the KOLOT community, host a KOLOT event or learn more about the initiative, please contact our JCRC/AJC Community Associate Ashira Solomon at solomon@jfmd.org.