The U.S.-Israel Relationship


The United States and Israel enjoy a special relationship based on mutual democratic values, common strategic interests, and moral bonds of friendship and mutual respect. The American people share an affinity with the people of Israel and regard Israel as a strong and trusted ally and an important strategic partner. Every American administration since Israel’s independence has provided unqualified support for Israel’s right to live in peace and security as a Jewish state.


JCRC supports a strong U.S.-Israel relationship to secure Israel, work for peace in the Middle East, and fight terrorism. We are grateful that past administrations, as well as both parties and both houses of Congress, have supported Israel’s right to defend itself for these past several decades. We urge Congress and the Executive Branch to continue providing the strategic and diplomatic support and the foreign aid that has helped sustain Israel through the most difficult challenges.


Write to your U.S. Congressional Representative, to Michigan’s two U.S. Senators, and to the President endorsing a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.


  • America’s relationship with Israel is based on an essential strategic alliance, shared values and democracy, and the quest for peace and stability in the Middle East.
  • The U.S.-Israel relationship has always been bi-partisan and strongly supported by the American people.
  • Although American economic foreign aid to Israel has been going down each year, the U.S. should continue providing Israel with military foreign aid that is so important for its survival. Keeping Israel strong through foreign aid reduces the need for U.S. military forces in the Middle East. Also, most foreign aid dollars are spent in the U.S. and bolster the American economy.