A Dangerous Neighborhood

A Dangerous Neighborhood

JCRC supports current U.S. policy which demands the disarming of Hezbollah, independence and democracy for Lebanon, and peace between Lebanon and Israel.

The Metropolitan Detroit and Ann Arbor Jewish Federations have strong, close relationships with the people and leadership living in Central Galilee, the region most affected by the war, through the Partnership 2Gether project. Exchange programs have taken place for more than ten years between elected officials, teachers, social workers, health professionals and teens.


Contact your U.S. congressional representative, Senators Stabenow and Peters, and President Obama urging:

  • Continued efforts to ensure implementation of the United Nations’ Security Council mandate to stop Hezbollah from rearming and rebuilding its terrorist infrastructure.
  • Diplomatic efforts to encourage the Lebanese government to ask for international help in monitoring its borders for illegal weapons shipments.
  • Effective sanctions against Syria and Iran for violating the UN’s arms embargo against Hezbollah.