The Coalition for Black and Jewish Unity exists to speak up against racism and antisemitism and
to promote solidarity between the two communities. The incident at Temple Beth El last Friday- when a man pulled into the parking lot and spewed hateful statements – is a powerful and
painful lesson that our unity isn’t just a helpful antidote – it is absolutely essential to the wellbeing
of our communities and our children’s future.

The hateful man last Friday not only uttered reprehensible antisemitic epithets, but racial ones
as well. This is no surprise to us. It is why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said “We might have arrived
in different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.”

As this troubled year comes to an end, we cannot help but feel a bit weary from everything
around us. Our Coalition has been busier than ever fighting racism and antisemitism. Hate
crimes and rhetoric are spiking, sometimes resulting from prominent people who intentionally
ignite the fires of hate.

Our group and others with similar missions are not daunted by these challenges. We have been
strengthened and we will continue to grow stronger. We will never stop shining a light on hate,
educating the community, supporting sensible legislation, and being there for each other –
whether it’s jointly celebrating holidays or simply lending a shoulder to cry on.

We are indeed in the same boat now. We have always known that, but last Friday – right in our
own backyard – we saw the latest example of why we exist and why we will always need to