Follow Up Statement on Bloomfield Hills High School Incident

JCRC/AJC welcomes Bloomfield Hills Schools Superintendent Pat Watson’s most recent letter regarding
the antisemitic incident at Bloomfield Hills High School. Watson recognized serious mistakes were
made, took ownership of what went wrong and committed to a number of corrective actions which we
feel will be effective in making sure incidents like this will not occur again. We are particularly
encouraged by the district’s commitment to plan and implement staff training to actively identify and
address antisemitism. We’re hopeful this will help build a healthy educational environment free from

This has been a difficult week for students, their families and many of our community members. We
recognize that there is still hurt and anger in the community as a result of this incident. The harm caused
cannot be assuaged solely through words and we look forward to meaningful change.
The JCRC/AJC—along with the Jewish Federation, community rabbis, and the ADL—remains in constant
communication with school and district administration and collectively we are taking steps to make sure
the school follows through on their commitments.

As we head into Shabbat, a time of reflection spent with the people we love, we look forward to a future
with greater understanding, tolerance and respect for our community, as well as for all people.